I Survived 2009

Real Estate marketing tips

What we learned from our Research

Community strength:

ERA along with a few other real estate companies stayed strong by supporting their communities in various ways. Their highest impact came from donations to many of the local charities, high school and little league sponsorships, while also making appearances at large events such as the Mullet Festival, Pensacola County Fair and countless Relay for Life’s all over the panhandle. Studies revealed that by attending and supporting the community people were more than happy to show their gratitude by choosing these real estate companies for all investments and sales, pushing them to the to the most successful realty companies in the region

Re-occurring Revenue:

Sales are low, company’s cap-sizing but no matter peaks and plummets realty companies with re-occurring revenue are able to stay afloat. These long term rentals are an important portion of a company’s income since it is normally predictable, constant and can be relied on in the future with high certainty. It also plays an essential part in a company’s expansion, for when the market takes a plunge it gives the edge to buy out competing real estate companies. Monetizing Relationships Help to promote related industries such as home owner inspections, etc.

Residential Markets :

Residential markets rise and descend like the tide creating frustration, being a head of the curve is what makes a great company separated from a good company. Aggression in the residential market really helps more successful companies power ahead.

Commercial markets:

Being diverse has really helped these real estate agencies, while residential markets may be low commercial markets will be at a peak counterbalancing each other.

Distressed properties:

Distressed properties were persued by many of these prosperous real estate companies but they did not put all their eggs in one basket, because their inconsistency was too prominent.

Power in numbers:

The companies with more agent had a synergy from the power of numers.

Embrace Military:

With the presence of 4 military bases in the panhandle of Florida special attention was given to the military. Attracting them to use certain real estate companies to buy and sell their property. The military also has a high moving rate so military homes sell and rent more.

Embracing Corporations:

Much like the military, large corporations are also smart to promote deals with. As they expand and bring more employees in, these companies would then give out information to new employees with some info on a certain realty agency. 

Exceptional Standards:

All of these real estate brokerages operated with the upmost integrity.

Technological Advantages:

Most of everything is now done digitally, so having the best online marking was a key factor.

Can’t beat them, buy them:

Whenever they had trouble with a competing company they waited for them to have a financial crisis or fall in a slump and then would buy them out ending that competition completely.

The 10% rule applies:

These leading companies followed the 10% rule which means they realize 10% of the employees take them to the top.