I Survived 2009

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Companies Researched

American Realty of Northwest Florida

ERA American has been in the real estate business along the Emerald Coast for over 30 years.

ERA Legacy

ERA Legacy has been helping buyers and sellers for many years in the Pensacola area.

Neubauer Real Estate

Tom Neubauer is a leader in real estate for the Panama City Florida area.

These Companies are all still thriving even after the hard times that were seen during the previous eight years.

I Survived 2009's Real Estate Market

From coast to coast the real estate markets took a hit especially in 2009 when the colapse was really taking effect.  Real Estate had been strong and most companies were doing well inspite of how well they really knew what they were doing.  But when the bubble burst, some companies were able to survive while others had not.  So how did the ones that survived do it.

To find out we studied how companies survived we researched several companies.  We looked at several ERA franchises along the Northwest Coast of Florida, an area that has a mix of first, second and seasonal homes. We also researched some other smaller companies to see what they were doing as well.  SEE WHAT THEY DO DIFFERENTLY.

Key Elements of Success

  • Community Strength
  • Re-Occurring Revenue
  • Monetizing Relationships
  • Residential Markets
  • Commercial Markets
  • Distressed Properties
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Power in Numbers
  • Embracing the Military
  • Embracing Corporations
  • Exceptional Standards
  • Technological Advantages
  • Can't beat them buy them
  • The 10% rule applies